Restoring the Playhouse to Greatness


The Foundation envisions a fully-restored historic Coconut Grove Playhouse that operates as a true regional theater, is managed by the best and brightest theater professionals from across the nation, supports the local economy and engages the community through first-rate programming and a robust, in-house arts conservatory.


Built in 1926, the Coconut Grove Playhouse hosted some of America’s most notable theatrical performers and productions over the ensuing decades, including the world premiere of Tennessee Williams’ “Sweet Bird of Youth”, the U.S. premiere of Samuel Beckett’s “Waiting for Godot” and even a taping of “The Late Show with David Letterman”.

The Playhouse closed its doors in 2006, a victim of poor governance and oversight. Today, the Playhouse Foundation stands ready to return this local cultural treasure to its past glory.



The Coconut Grove Playhouse Foundation is a diverse group of local residents, arts patrons, preservationists, and community advocates committed to restoring the historic Coconut Grove Playhouse to its past greatness and putting it back on the national theatrical map.

Our Plan

Our plan returns the Coconut Grove Playhouse to its stature as one of the finest theaters in the world. It completely restores the 1925 historically designated building with 700 seats—not just the front as the County wants to do. Saving the front of a building is meaningless. It enlarges the old Encore Room second stage with 200 seats that can be used for workshops and local theater companies. And finally it includes a wonderful educational and community building which can be used for training and performances of dance, theater, music, video and for other purposes. This new building contains classrooms and fantastic performance spaces.

After 12 years of decay, our plan elevates Coconut Grove Playhouse to the focal point of culture and entertainment in the City of Miami and Miami-Dade County. New plays and dance will be produced there which can be sent to Broadway or on national tours. While honoring the past, our plan completely changes the complexion of Coconut Grove creating a new entity for the performing arts with a 100 year vision. It remains true to its roots in completely restoring not a front but the large historic building that has been the landmark of Coconut Grove for over 90 years. Our goal is to preserve, protect and honor the building and the great entertainment that was presented and created there for decades and to upgrade the educational and community opportunities at the Playhouse.

The Foundation’s plan centers on fully restoring and preserving the historic Playhouse building, including the many significant architectural features of its beautiful façade and interior spaces.

Specific components of the plan are:

A 700-seat main theatre and a smaller black-box studio theater featuring the latest audiovisual technology

A professionally-managed theater company that produces original, large-scale productions and co-productions with top theater companies from around the world

Onsite conservatory facilities dedicated to training future generations of actors and artists with programming dedicated to a variety of genres, including: music, dance, theatre and visual arts

And a parking garage screened off by conservatory studios and Grove-friendly ancillary spaces

To view our plan presentation click this link: COCONUT GROVE PLAYHOUSE FOUNDATION PLAN

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